Metal stair railings: modern, classic or contemporary: give free rein to your inspiration from more than 1000 models.

Our workshops have a long experience in the creation and implementation of banisters, railings mezzanine, whatever the style. There are more than 1000 models railing that were designed by us so that they blend harmoniously with the style, the interior design of your home.

The advantage of creating our ironwork, allied to that of being the manufacturer of all the elements necessary for the realization of a flight of stairs, we offers full freedom of expression. From the birth of our company ironwork, we imposed work only the finest materials.

Plastic handrails are banned from our creations, and despite a lot simpler than steel handrail implementation (particularly in the case of ramps débillardées which must follow perfectly the quarter turn stair or some forms of the bent mezzanines). A steel handrail has the advantage of strength in time, a patina that can marry the same tones as the boom structure, stability and tear resistance extraordinary, perfect finish and a logic unit materials used in the construction of a banister.

To simplify the search for the type of ramp you want, we have chosen to divide this section into two parts. The first page shows our style staircase handrails, with vertical bars, and the second is devoted to railing designed to fit into a contemporary architecture.

Since 1954, more than 900 models and ramps were designed and made by us, the selection of a few ramps and railings that we present is therefore only a small sample of our expertise in this area. To meet your desires and needs, we can only invite you to make an appointment with us so that we can tell you the rest of our range. It is with the greatest pleasure and the greatest care that we discover together the right solution for your home.