The gates

We supply both manually operated and automatic double swing gates and sliding gates. Manually operated gates are fitted with a key-operated and a foot-operated lock. There is a wide range of automatic gates with either exposed gate-mounted or concealed floor-mounted cylinders. Opening and closing of the gates are controlled remotely by means of a hand-held device or a pushbutton installed in the kitchen.

Various other accessories can be provided for increased comfort or safety, such as a video answer-phone, a key code, etc.

Our traditional and modern gates are always made with the utmost care, and the hardware, the fixings, the solidity of the supports, the quality of finish, the anti-corrosion treatment and the finishing paintwork are always of the very highest standard.      Depending on your entrance, we will work with you to create a harmonious design consisting of either a double swing gate or sliding gate, or a combined gate and pedestrian access door, sometimes completed with fixed railings.

Whatever your choice, our gates will give you the comfort of knowing that your property is properly protected, as well as providing an prestigious and attractive entrance.

Once again, these photographs provide only a glimpse of what is available, and we would be delighted to welcome you in our workshops to see for yourself what we have to offer.