Metal stairs: classic, traditional, contemporary.

When designing metal staircases, we pay close attention to the following essential criteria: a comfortable tread depth and riser height (which determines the slope of the staircase), the clear ceiling height, the overall dimensions of the staircase, its integration into the architecture of your home, its aesthetic appearance, its vibration resistance and quality of workmanship.

A metal staircase is a major asset of the interior decoration and becomes the centre of the house. Placed in the entrance hall, it is the staircase that welcomes your guests.

It is an essential architectural feature, and it is for these reasons that we do not compromise on the quality of finish and the choice of materials.

We are specialised in non-standard staircases and each of our creations is intended to be unique. All types of alternatives are possible!      The staircase can be built with a single, central stringer, or two side stringers (in which case the steps will be attached on top of or between these two stringers), they can be spiral, straight, dog-legged, balanced, with or without landings and even have no supporting structure other than the existing loadbearing walls. The choice of metal, glass or wood for the steps makes for even greater variety.. Metal steps are most frequently made of stainless steel in perforated plate, bulb plate, or open mesh form. Glass steps are either sanded or transparent and their thickness will depend on the method of attachment or their size. Wood, for its part, offers a large choice of species and colours.

A metal staircase gives the impression of being lighter than air. Spanning through space, it allows the light to filter through, giving a sense of freedom that no other material can match.

The examples of staircases shown on this represent only a small selection of our available range, and we would be only too pleased to welcome you and allow you to discover the range of possibilities that are open to you.