Various metallic items

Decorative metalwork is not limited to balustrades, guard rails, metal stairs and gates. In order to limit the number of pages in our showcase, we have included the following in the « miscellaneous » section: letter boxes, metal sculptures and trophies, hoods for open-hearth fires, chimney covers, light fittings, hardware such as door stops, hinges, etc., wrought iron doors, curtain rails and curtain pulls, window bars, planting box holders, artistic ornaments such as chandeliers, candle holders, etc. fire irons and barbecue utensils.

All of these objects are unique, and created especially to meet your wishes and provide the answer to your dreams.

This section also includes the restoration of old, sometimes listed ironwork. It is here that the advantage of having a fully working forge comes into its own, as it is essential for this type of work to be fully conversant with these age-old techniques.      We work with and regularly follow training courses with archaeologists, conservation architects, the « Paix-Dieu », (Euro regional heritage skills centre situated in Amay) and the Ecole des Métiers du Patrimoine of Avignon.

Whatever your needs, our workshops will make every effort to meet them.